At Working Mindfully, we give you the flexibility to create the perfect collection of recordings for the needs of your team.

And not only that, you also have the flexibility to switch between collections if those needs change.

Build your collection with 15 Universal Recordings which form the foundation and another 15 recordings chosen around the topics of MIND, BODY, and SUCCESS.

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UNIVERSAL Recordings

The foundation of each collection are 15 Universal Recordings. The Universal Recordings are Andrew’s most popular and are suitable for listeners regardless of demographics, experience or job role. These recordings cover topics relevant to life challenges and aspirations.

MIND Recordings

Recordings which are made for peace of mind.

Let your team experience a feeling of deep inner calm with recordings that help them lead a more present, mindful and relaxed life.

BODY Recordings

Best choice to improve physical health and fitness. Support your team with recordings for healthy habits, pain management and healing.

SUCCESS Recordings

Support your teams in being successful in all areas of their lives. These recordings will not only get them started, but teach them the right mindset to achieve great things.